Free Diagnosis. No minimum charge

Diagnosis can only be properly done with the bicycle brought in. Over the phone diagnosis or cost quote is unreliable because often other problems go unnoticed. Cost could be as low as $5 or as high as $500. It all depends on what your bicycle needs.

A typical (overhaul) repair example:
Complaints: "Brake pad rubbing. Tires bad. Need new cable."
Bicycle is brought in. I find that the pad is rubbing because the rear wheel has an out-of-true rim. The pads are 25 years old; no good. The tires are shot and need replacement, which will usually come with new tubes and rim strips. I also discover that the chain is heavily worn, and must be replaced. The grip tape is shot and I suggest new grip tape. The shift cables are intact. The brake cables + housing need to both be replaced. There are also plastic pedals on this bike which are loose and need to go.

The bike is to be picked up in two days. The cost breakdown for this repair is as follows:
New Kenda tires: $18 each.
Tubes: $5each. Strips: $1 each.
Cheap brake pads: 4 total, $4
2 Cables and 4' housing, brake only: $8
Black grip tape: $9
KMC chain: $15 New allow body pedals: $20
Parts total: $104.     Sales tax: $6.30.     Labor: $50    Total cost: $160

A typical (quick) repair example:
Complaints: "Brake pad rubbing. Tires bad. Cable bad."
Bicycle is brought in. I find the tires to be good, only flat. I fill them and they hold. Wheel is true, so the brake rubbing is a simple brake adjustment this time. Pads are good. I discover the cable is just disengaged, and in good condition. It takes only a few minutes and I ask for $10. I also make sure the stem, bb, and hubs are properly adjusted. It leaves shop with clean bill of health.   Total cost: $10

These two examples demonstrate why over the phone analysis cannot be reliable. Both complaints were the same three things, with vastly different bicycle condition at time of diagnosis.

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