Bicycle care at home:

Tires: Fill tires to at least 70% of MAX PSI (printed on tire) and check tire pressure often.
Daily riding:Check every time you ride by feel.     Periodic riding:Check by feel or with gauge. Restore tire pressure if your bike sits for a month or more.

Chain lube: Carefully lubricate chain and derailleur chain wheels with 'dry' or 'wet' lubricant whenever the chain is dry, has been ridden in rain, or starts making noise.
NOTE: DO NOT USE automotive products to lubricate bicycle drive train. WD40 is not a lubricant! 80w gear oil is a superior lubricant, but results in a filthy chain that leaves wrose black marks than normally. Motorcycle chain lube is very sticky and attracts more dirt. Use the right product!
'Dry' or 'Wet' lube?    Both are synthetic lubricants designed for 'open system' drive trains. Dry lube, or teflon wax, should be used in dry warm weather only. Higher home maintenance: It should be used by people that clean off excess wax often.
Wet lube (tri-flow, etc.) can be used year round and must be applied more often, while cleaning chain/cogs is easier. A chain cleaner is a great tool, but not necessary. Citra-solv, a toothbrush, and blue towel/cloth rag over a sheet pan is a good method.

Whole bike cleaning:  Soap, water, brush, and hose. With no hose access, buy a pump sprayer. If you ride the bike in the rain, remove the seat in a warm place periodically to allow moisture to escape. Moisture in the bottom bracket causes creaks, corrosion, and frozen threads. Safety and function check before riding: (See bicycle diagram. Stop by shop for in-person explanation if you want)
1. Tires properly inflated.     2. Brakes are connected (especially if you removed/installed a wheel for transport)     3. Brake pads hitting RIM ONLY and aligned enough to stop bicycle.     4. Pedals and crank not loose.     5. Stem tight. (check by trying to force handlebar to move while holding front wheel with legs)    6. Chain does not come off with gentle, normal shifting.     7. Grab and try to wiggle wheel against the frame, (side to side). If there is more than slight play here, your HUB is loose. This must be addressed ASAP. If your hub is too tight, it will spin for only a short time while off the ground. This is even worse. Bring to shop immediately.     8. Accessories check: Gloves, helmet, spare tube, tire levers, and emergency pump. Bell or mirror are helpful, but not basic necessities.

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