Belchertown had gone too many years without a bicycle shop. People here have habituated sourcing parts online. Green Light is trying to change that, by adapting and overcoming the influence of online price incentives, and bringing customers in to order their high end parts and accessories through your local bike shop instead of online.

There is no such thing as free shipping.

Online sellers use this term "free shipping" but still someone has to pay for the box to ship. It is incorporated into the price. FREE FREIGHT however, does exist, only for bicycle shops. If a bike shop orders $500 or more, the distributor 'eats' the freight cost. Freight is always charged on whole bicycles, unless a certain number, say ten, are bought at once. There is a PRICE ADVANTAGE to buying your basic needs at a STORE and not ONLINE.

It is important to not that buying something online carries no manufacturer warrantee. (usually)  And...

You can't get your bike fixed online.

Manufacturers are recognizing the cost of this state of "pure competition" that online merchants are creating. Distributors have recognized that bicycle shops are the engine that drives the industry. The term MAP means Minimum Advertised Price and it should be at or near MSRP. Online sellers cheat these rules in a largely unrestricted market, and if caught, are warned, and then 'cut off' from buying that product line. The bicycle shop is aided by tools such as exclusive regional rights to sell a product line and distributors only being willing to sell to real bicycle shops. To get around this, some online retailers have opened ornamental bicycle shops. They also will make numerous 'fake entries' into their system so that it *appears* that they have a vast inventory of everything you could ever want. They make a listing of items that they have zero of and no plan to re-order. This is the case when you go to add it to the cart and you see NOT IN STOCK. Your support for your local bike shop is necessary in the form of dollars, not mere well wishing. Online used to be the place to get hard to find parts, and the bike shop was where you went for basics. The trend is for big investors to buy $20,000,000 worth of parts, dump them on the market at a price the local shop can't compete with, and get people habituated to buying from them. It is unsustainable and harms your local business community to get everything online. Local stores need your dollars. Very often, I can beat the online price.
For a full bicycle, I can blow the online price out of the water. You see - - verbally, and in person, I can sell a bicycle for whatever I want. I may not be able to *advertise* that price, but the seller decided the final selling price... period.

I will match an online part price for cash+carry purchases if the transaction is not a near loss. For whole bicycles, I will blow the online price out of the sky with both barrels.

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