GREEN LIGHT BICYCLES is the only bicycle shop in the region actively offering tricyles. Featuring SUN brand bicycles and tricycles.

ADULT TRICYCLES are great! If your riding style is slow, social, and you enjoy the three wheel stability then a tricycle is for you. GREAT for carrying cargo such as groceries or books. The most relaxing rig to ride is a Sun Tricycle. If you are concerned about balance, the tricycle is a wonderful solution to keep you cycling and enjoying the outdoors!

RECUMBENT THREE WHEELERS are available for special order at Green Light.

CHILDREN'S TRICYCLES also by Sun brand can be ordered at very competitive prices.

See specs online or stop by for all the details. Visit J+B site PRICES 2017:
Sun Traditional 24" wheel tricycle (6 color choices): $479
Sun Atlas Cargo (safety yellow): $569
Sun HT-3 Hand Trike: $899 (front wheel drive, arms only)